Neggs is on YouTube!

Yea, yeah, yea we got a sexy lookin' video up in here. Fresh with custom Clash of Clans art and all dat fine stuff. If you find yourself aimlessly looking for something entertaining to watch, you have come to the right place. We like to bring yall somethin' new to show to your FACE! If you like what you see share this with your friends. Don't forget to subscribe, this fun ain't neva gonna end.

New Character Pieces
Not only do we now have our very own YouTube channel, we have also taken the liberty of adding the artwork shown in the video to our Clash of Clans Character Creator. Now you can create fancy new Clash of Clans characters with some pretty badass pieces to enhance your character creation experience. Share your characters with your friends and fellow clan members. Who knows, your character may be so awesome that Supercell picks it up to add in game....Hey, crazier things have happened.

Help a Brother out
Since we are so new to the game, we are going to need your help getting our videos out there. Help us out by sharing us on Facebook and other social networks. We appreciate you!