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Every game within this genre requires you to build a base and attack other bases. Sometimes you find an opponent that has a pretty intimidating base. Intimidating enough that you don't attack, you just move on to the next opponent. While a good base layout is rather critical, so is the intimidation factor of your structures. Currently in Boom Beach some levels of some structures are far more intimidating than the previous levels (graphically). Take for instance a Machine Gun:

Which structure level looks more intimidating? If you saw a bunch of level 1-6 Machine Guns you'd be a lot less hesitant to attack the base. If you saw a bunch of level 7 Machine Guns, you may just leave that base alone (depending on your troop of choice). The reason being: Boom Beach doesn't have all the levels graphically implemented for each structure so there is a large "hole" between level 1 and 7 of that structure. At a glance that structure may look like level 1 but at level 7, you know it's got some damage and hit points. You're basically trying to scare the opponent into not looking at your structures levels when scouting, which, keeps you from getting attacked.

So let's look into each defensive structure and see what their "intimidation level" should be. This should help you prioritize defensive upgrades a little easier:

Boom Cannon - Doesn't really need an intimidation level, this thing is intimidating.

Cannon - level 2, 2:15 from level 1

Flamethrower - only one graphic so far, not very intimidating

Machine Gun - level 7, 10:15 from level 1

Mortar - level 6, 11 hours from level 1

Rocket Launcher - only one graphic so far, not all that intimidating unless you have lower hp troops

Sniper Tower - level 7, 6:45 from level 1

Keep in mind these levels will change as the game matures and additional graphics for each structure are added. Having all your Sniper Towers at level 7, Mortars at 6 and Cannons at least level 2 should prove to be very intimidating (as intimidating as you can get in the game's current build).

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    This could use and update. You can judge intimidation on your own as the pages the links lead to are updated, but the text is old.
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