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Building a good base in Boom Beach can be pretty tricky. You don’t have many obvious choices such as ‘production structures go on the outside’ and even the more obvious concepts such as “protect the Headquarters at all costs” can still be done poorly due to the use of opponent’s flares. So we’re going to attempt to tell you the strength’s and weaknesses of some of the community’s base setups so you can be more educated on what you want to do with yours. This is intended only as a beginner’s guide, not so much an advanced base setup guide. Someone more knowledgable than I can do that in due time.

Poor Headquarter defense

The most awkward concept to grasp for Clash of Clans players is that there is only a single point of entry for an attack and no walls to contend with. People think along these lines when setting up their bases. They’ll set all their defenses near the beach and in front of the Headquarters. They expect the player to land on the beach and the troop AI to run towards the defenses to get to the eventual Headquarter target. However with the addition of Flares, a competent opponent will simply flare all their troops to the right or left side, then to the back of the base and they’ll just destroy the Headquarters without having to worry about any real defense since it’s all in front of the Headquarters, not behind it.

Low Level Defense

In the lower levels of the game you want to centralize your Headquarters and build your defenses all around it. Your Headquarters is pretty much the pearl in the middle of your defended oyster. Don’t leave your defenseless structures (storages, production units, radar, sculptor, etc) in a single area, instead spread them out around your base. You don’t want to give your enemy free ability points by destroying your defenseless structures.

As you gain levels and you obtain more and more defensive structures, it gives you more options on where to put your Headquarters. Place it by the beach, in the back of the grid, it doesn’t matter. You should have enough defenses to make a good defense around your base. The trick is though that as you gain levels, your opponents do as well. Once your opponent’s start to gain the Artillery Barrage ability, you’re going to need to start spreading out your structures a little more. A well placed Artillery Barrage can destroy multiple buildings or drastically weaken them. The more common that becomes in the higher levels, the more important it will be to spread your buildings out to negate it’s usefulness.

Higher Level Defense

By the time your Headquarters is 15+ you’ll have enough defensive structures to spread your base (evenly spaced) all over the map. Most high level players like to put their Headquarters at the top right tip of the map so the opponents have to go through virtually all of your defensive structures to get to the headquarters. This also allows you to ‘sprinkle’ some of your defenseless structures around your defensive structures to avoid an opponent getting easy ability points due to their destruction. The main benefit with this setup is you negate two sides of your base from potential attack and you force your opponents in to your base while not having a poorly defended defenseless structure ‘farm’ where your opponent can simply earn easy ability points. The potential downside is while the opponent does have to choose a side to attack from, since your defenses are more spread out, they can be a little more precise on where they want to attack from and the path it will take to get to your base. That being said, it’s still a remarkably well defended setup (if your base is high enough level to warrant it).

Intimidation Factor

The intimidation factor is having each of your defense a high enough level that they look threatening at a glance. The machine gun is a very good example of this. The machine gun looks like a goofy little structure and I’d have to assume, doesn’t intimidate anyone. When you level it up a few times though, it becomes a bunker of death to any non-armored troop. It looks considerably more intimidating. Cannons also have the same effect. Cannon level 2 is massively more intimidating than Cannon level 1 so make it’s upgrade a priority.

The concept here is that even if you have a very well laid out base, if your opponent thinks your defenses are inadequate to match their offensive firepower, they will attack you. Yes they can scout you and get your precise level of each structure but you want to intimidate them to simply looking at your base and going right back to that world map, never to attack your super intimidating base.

Ensure that your defenses look scary to thwart any attempt to attack your base. It’s not always just about a good base plan, sometimes shock and awe will help your cause a lot more.

Research, Research, Research!

Use this site, find the better base plans and try them out. Also, visit the higher level players in the leaderboards and see what they’ve done with their bases. It all comes to preparation and watching those replays of you getting your butt kicked. You’ll learn more lessons from watching replays of your base getting beat up than anything else. Find a base plan that works for your in the level that you’re working with. It’s a lot more tricky to find a good base plan in Boom Beach due to the use of the Gunship’s abilities but it can be done and you are the one to do it!
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