Can't get more Warriors???

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May 2014
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All my landing craft are Level 14, my Warriors are Level 10 but each boat only has five (5) warriors in each one?

The Warrior units appear to come in units of Three (3) so how do I get more of them?

I would have thought there would have been at least Six (2 x 3) in each boat so why five only?

I can't upgrade the warriors until the HQ is 14 (presently 13) but will that fill the boats more?

So basically I am asking how do I stuff more of these guys into the boats that say they have a capacity of 15-16 each?

Very frustrating!

Thanks guys
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Sep 2014
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Your boats have capacity of 15-16. Warriors don't come in a unit of 3. It means that each warrior takes up 3 spaces in your boat. 16 divided by 3 = 5 warriors on the boat since 5 warriors take up 15 spaces on your boat. That as why u can't have more than 5 warriors. You need to level up your boat to increase capacity and the only way u can level up boat is to level up your HQ if your boats are maxed out, which your not since you're only level 14 HQ. Each landing craft upgrade only increases capacity by 1. So that means just to get one more warrior on a 16 capacity landing craft you need to level that landing craft 2 more times or 3 more times for a 15 capacity landing craft. It's not that hard dude.
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Oct 2014
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This game is greedy! How can I defend my base when someone at level 39 attacks me at level 32! I never get the chance to attack someone at level 25. They force you to buy diamonds and you can never save up a million gold to upgrade your tanks or defenses. The higher ranks who spend a ton of money on the game will steal it before you can save to build. GREEDY!,