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Task Force Section has Arrived!

Add your Task Force to the Task Force Section. This will be an easy way to recruit members. Or just brag about your Force! Once you create a listing y...

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ice's roughneck
8 years

Ask Neggs.

So I'll watch this thread and answer questions. I'm pretty familiar with Boom Beach and if you'd like to ask a few questions, I'll see what I can to p...

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8 years

Rules and Regulations

Welcome to NeggsNetwork Boom Beach Forums! We invite you use common sense! Profanity is allowed in a mature fashion. Use your best judgment. If your b...

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8 years


Having friends, does it help in game play? Can get more friends, please!!!

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11 months

Promote your base

Promote here....Do not insult or tease other bases. Just compare and share ideas and help each other promote your bases!!! :-)

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1 year

worrior or hog rider?

what do you think will win? Worrior or hog rider?

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1 year

메이힐스리조트ワ­【 C­N­N­3­4­.­C­O­M 】ワ밴드스코어스코어월드

d2oe메이힐스리조트ワ­【 C­N­N­3­4­.­C­O­M 】ワë...

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8 years

세부카지노싸이트ベ­【 C­N­N­3­4­.­C­O­M 】ベ해외팁스터사이트

U8YQ세부카지노싸이트ベ­【 C­N­N­3­4­.­C­O­M ã€...

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8 years

base comments

comment for people to comment you!

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Wave Rider
9 years

Opinions about a base editor like Clash of Clans?

I tend to find it agonizing to rearrange my base. I think it's a hassle and takes too long. A base editor like the one clash of clans has would be nic...

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9 years

wRs is recruiting for operations #VRR0CL

We are looking for anyone to join or task force we are not picky we take anyone we do daily operations please join

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9 years

Connection Error

Hi guys, I get this message that says Unable to connect with the server. Check your internet connection and try again. I use Iphone and with the other...

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9 years

recruitment for prophets tag #282PLRY

Hi all I am looking for players to join my team at prophets. Tag is #282PLRY. We have just expended our team to 25.

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9 years

Any One With Boom Beach Have Kik?

I need to send someone a pic of this resource base that I need help in but there is no picture sharing here :(

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9 years

[Recruiting] Oxygen | 200 VP | 25 | Join New Upcoming TF. Always Active Members - No Delay Between Ops - English - Created 08/01/15 - We Will Rise! -

[Recruiting] Oxygen | 200 VP | 25 | Join New Upcoming TF. Always Active Members - No Delay Between Ops - English - Created 08/01/15 - We Will Rise! -...

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9 years

All about dat base [HQ 3]

Any base for hq 3 or any base layout for hq 3

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9 years

[GUIDE] What troops to use when raiding?

Hey guys! Cameron here, Today im going to talk about what troops to use when raiding! Currently my highest troop is the warrior, Atm i have 4 Boats lv...

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9 years

Submarine Dive Locations

I'm lvl 7 radar with my map nearly all cleared for that lvl but haven't found any dive locations, at what lvl of radar and sub does it start letting m...

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9 years

Will currently matched Player bases upgrade? or stay the same?

Still pretty new to Boom Beach, but I've noticed the player bases within my explored area remain unchanged after they appear (ie no variation in the a...

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9 years

Quick question about the base plans

Why are all defenses placed in a circular fashion around the headquarters? Just seems like a huge waste of resources because attacks come from the be...

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Body Count
9 years

I bought a used iPad….Need help setting up an account

I have been reading that only one Account Can be played per device. I am concerned That the previous owner played boom beach because he said that it r...

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JosH-LooK OP
9 years

Can't get more Warriors???

All my landing craft are Level 14, my Warriors are Level 10 but each boat only has five (5) warriors in each one? The Warrior units appear to come i...

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9 years


Ok I was on level 34 my daughter was also playing, me on iPad and she iPhone life was good I accidentally hit the link tab which came up each time I

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9 years

landing craft

I have level 12 hq, how do I build a 6th landing craft?

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9 years

i need a base for hq 14

i need a base design for hq lvl 14 but all the bases i have found on here dont look too promising or i dont have a big enough map for them.

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9 years