EPIC Mines 17!

Author GoldenGod
Vitals Type: Defense
Stats Rating: 3.3 | Modifications: 104 | Views: 10,364 | Comments: 1
Created 10 years ago
I am a Top US player and regularly raid against top 10 global players and this base has won me several successful defenses. While it has its weaknesses I can honestly say that the boom mines turn the tides of battle if the opponent overlooks their absence. This is ESPECIALLY true against Warrior Rushers who don't scout extensively... This base uses the same principle as the Epic Boom Mines HQ 16 base setup which is high hp up front, single spaced towers with cannons and snipers on the perimeter and machine guns and flamers in the center. The Boom Cannons are placed in the front to draw barrage fire away from your special surprises ;) Let me know what you think and happy Booming! P.S. The 4 Mines in the bottom right are placeholders for a Masterpiece Statue!!!
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  • Posted 9 years ago


    none yet
    Apr 2015
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    You need to incorporate the shock launcher.