Boom Beach Quest To 1000 Medals #10 - MEDAL HUNT
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Boom BoOm BOOM!
Need Free Diamonds? [ Clash Of Clans - Boom Beach ]

WORKS ON: Iphone, Android, iPad

Go to this page!

Step by Step Guide:
1. Go to
2. Install the profile
3. Download the free apps, run them for 30 seconds, go back to FreeMyApps and get points!
4. Redeem the points for ITunes giftcards and have fun with your gems!
Hope this helps you guys get some Diamonds!

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Boom Bash Rehash

Boom Beach Bonanza

Intro: [ Update - Twitter -Chatting -Videos

Love dr terror lt hammerman and the new update! Shock Launcher and Submarine ftw!

Visual Upgrades:
- Magma Islands! Discover Magma Crystals by defeating the Blackguard on these volcanic islands
- New graphics for resource storages
- New Statue graphics and effects
- Defense building visual improvements, including distinctive building bases to easily spot them
- Hot new effects: enemy HQ now burns when damaged, Flamethrower fire and Gunboat smoke improved
- Improved and extra boomy effects for rocket explosions and Boom Cannon shell impacts
- Find out all about the new Magma Islands HERE!

Interface Improvements:
- Daily Summary popup info is now more informative
- Enemy Activity log shows which lost villages can be attacked immediately
- You can now access the Armory to check unit stats and upgrade costs even while an upgrade is underway in the Armory (thanks to L3stat and others for the suggestion!)
- Fixed Rocket Launcher damage per second info (thanks to Rudeman and others for the correction!)

Gameplay and Balance Changes:
- Trees will now randomly grow back on your home base island (thanks to Shocker and everyone else who suggested this!)
- If a lot of enemy base buildings remain after the HQ is destroyed, they will blow up faster
- New dive location for Radar level 5
- Improved endgame NPC matchmaking, no more low level Blackguard bases for endgame players
- Restoring Fair Play

- Bug fixes and several optimizations to speed up game loading and to improve overall performance View Boom Beach General Channel