Together We Boom!

Task Force Multiplayer

Task Force has arrived at Boom Beach with vengeance! This feature brings a fresh new social and multiplayer touch to the game. Task Forces work just like Clans or Alliances. You can create or join a Task Force and fight the Blackguard together. The Blackguard is not located on any of the islands on your archipelago, you will find him on the Mainland. With your well sought out Task Force you will fight the Blackguards bases and destroy the Power Cores as well as collect as much Intel as you can. You can collect intel when your Task Force has victories. Once Intel is rewarded it will be added to our Task Fore. You will need this Intel to start new operations. Remember when you leave a Task Force the Intel remains with that force, you cannot take it with you. When your Task Force performs operations, your force will earn Force Points. You and your teammates will work together to take down Blackguard Factories on the mainland.

A Force to be Reckoned with!

Once you have a Headquarters level 6 you will be able to create, or join a Task Force. There are four different sizes of forces you can participate in: 5, 10, 25 and 50 members. When you first create or start in a task force you will only be able to hold 5 members. After you have your five members you will have the option to raise the limit of members. Once you raise to the maximum members size you will not be able to decrease it. The more members you have in Your task force, the harder it will be to coordinate an attack, but you will have more difficult operations and earn greater rewards.

Task force Rank

Every Task Force Leader will create a unique Hashtag Id. You will be able to use hashtags to search for a specific Task Force. There will be three ranks of members in the Task Force.

LEADER- This member will be able to begin Operations, promote other members, remove members from the Task Force and Edit the Task Force information.

OFFICER- This member will be able to begin Operations and remove other members from the Task Force.

MEMBER- Will just be a valuable teammate.

Remember to plan your Operations strategically. If you are in need of new members for your Task Force, you can easily locate the Task Force section and create your very own Task Force page.