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Boom beach differs from Clash of Clans and other similar games by having a singular point of entry (beach) in which players must spawn troops as well as an ever-present gunship that uses a point system to activate abilities. The pool of points is dependent on the level of your Gunship (at the beginning of the battle) and then you gain points with every structure you destroy. Points are taken away with every ability you use to defeat your opponent’s base.

Victory is achieved by destroying the opponent’s Headquarters. There are no partial completions awarded and you either get 100% of the loot or 0% of the loot. The point is: you gotta destroy that Headquarters!

That being said, with every structure destroyed, you take off a % of the hit points of the enemy’s base. That percentage is based on the total number of structures that the base has. For instance, if the base has 10 structures and you destroy one, you’re probably (don’t have the accurate number yet) taking off something like 9% of the Headquarter’s hit points. So it can help to do a little house cleaning before attacking that headquarters. Which brings us to our next point...


The coolest feature in Boom Beach is the ability to scout your opponent (for free) before you attack their base. Not only can you take a look at the defenses but you can see each structures range, you can see what level they are, how many hit points they have, how the statues are affecting their base. You pretty much get access to every possible piece of information other than the outcome of the battle.

What I tend to do is look for the Cannons (I am a Tank user) and then I look to see if I can destroy all the Cannons with abilities before I deploy my troops. Usually, that’s a ‘no’. Then I look to see if there is a different path I can take to get to the Headquarters so when my Tanks will be attacking it, the Cannons won’t be within range to fire on them. I do this by plotting a path and then checking the range on the Cannons to see if my Tanks will be within that range. I then look to see if there are any Boom Mines in the way of my path and if I can kill the immediate cannons with abilities.

I do this while scouting, with limitless time, just planning things out. If I deem the resources of the base are worth the risk of the defenses destroying some of my troops, then I go for it. Scouting properly is utterly huge and you should always, always, always scout a base before attacking it.


You’ll quickly notice that there are no walls and one of the trickiest things to get around is the fact that with flares, an enemy can circumvent the majority of your front-loaded defense and move their troops to behind your lines and come in from the rear, where base’s generally leave their defenses the most weak. You’re going to want to get good at using flares real fast.

If one of your costly troops is moving out of the way and a Sniper Tower is going to destroy that troop, flare him away. Get him far away and flare him to destroy a defenseless structure (and then heal him while that troop is not moving) or simply to have him meet up with other troops and when they get back into position, hopefully the troop with low health isn’t in the front lines. A low-cost flare is well worth the price and time of a 36 minute Tank.

The first step when attacking

There are a few structures that wreak havoc on a few troop units. For instance, Cannons and Boom Cannons do double damage to tanks. So as a tank user the first thing I look for when I’m analyzing a base’s defense is the Cannon placement. I see the route I want to take my tanks via flares and then but I want to ensure that no Cannons are operational to hurt my tanks as they pass bye. To do this I’m going to need use my Gunship’s offensive abilities to destroy them before any of my troops are deployed. That way if the randomness of my Gunship’s Artillery Barrage doesn’t destroy a Cannon I can simply retreat, attack again and try it over. It costs a lot less for me to attack a player three times and retreat than to spend Gold on repairing a tank. If I can destroy the few Cannons I need to safely get to the back of the base, then I’ll actually deploy my troops and see what I can do.

Victory by abilities

As I mentioned you have active abilities via the Gunship. These are rather useful abilities that can either control the movement of your army or simply destroy enemy defenses. A common base setup is to front-load all of your defenses by the beach and ensure that your defenseless structures (such as storages, production stuff) is located at the very back of your base (by the trees). These are often left undefended and if you sneak some troops back there, they’ll have no problems rampaging through all the defenseless structures.

Since we have already taken out the dangerous structures (mentioned in “the first step when attacking”) to gain safe passage, we should be able to use flares to get our troops to the back of the base and start destroying the defenseless structures. This will in turn fuel your Gunship’s abilities and you’ll use those abilities to destroy virtually all of your opponent’s defenses before your troops ever come within range. So your troops safely destroy useless structures while your gunships devastate your opponent’s base. It’s beautiful.

This strategy only works on a specific type of base but you do see it often enough to take advantage of it. When you get it right, it feels so good.

Victory from the sides

Most bases plan for an all out attack against their Headquarters and in doing so they place their most dangerous defensive structures (generally Cannons) around the Headquarters on all sides. The thing is, Cannons have a limited range and if you come at the Headquarters from the front, you are in for some pain. If however you can come in from the side, it almost negates half of the defensive structures you’d have to deal with. I actually can’t remember an attack that I did by going directly towards the Headquarters, it’s always around the sides or from the back to either negate defensives or build up ability points to destroy defenses.

Troop Deployment and Tanks

I’ll leave the troop deployment up to your discretion based on your base level and preference of attack. Personally, I use tanks because they have heavy damage, heavy hit points and if I’m careful enough, I can use them every fight. There is much more of an incentive in Boom Beach to use costly troops due to the fact that if they survive a battle, they do not need to be re-trained. I’ve gone a few days without having to re-train tanks because I’m very careful when I attack. That’s money saved, as far as I’m concerned.


I love this feature so much. If you are fighting a losing battle and decide you want to retreat, any force that makes it back to the boats won’t need to be re-trained. How awesome is that? I’ve used this feature a handful of times and everytime I save myself 12k gold on the loss of a Tank, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes it’s nice to try your hand at the start of a battle and retreat if it doesn’t go your way and try again. It’s REALLY nice to have the ability to attack, toss out some abilities, not destroy your targets, repeat and try again. It just costs the gold required to attack, which isn’t much at all. How lovely!

Tying it all up

While there are a lot of offensive tricks to play with in Boom Beach there are still some bases you shouldn’t attack. There are also some bases that simply don’t have the available resources to warrant risking your costly troops on destroying the Headquarters. The most awkward thing to understand when switching from Clash of Clans and other similar games, is that there are no walls and though you have a single point of entry, it doesn’t mean you have to have a single point of attack. Flares can circumvent a lot of defensive structures and give you a much better chance at victory. Don’t forget that defenseless structures are fuel for your offense so if you can get your troops to safely attack those structures, you can do a lot of damage to the base without risking your troop’s safety.

In due time, like Clash of Clans, new offensive strategies will come to light. The game is still in it’s infancy at the moment so hopefully these tips will get you a head-start on the rest of the community.

Good Luck

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