Team USA #R0CG90Y (Recruiting)


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Jul 2015
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Whoop
Current Members 40+
Minimal Level 300
Minimal Donation 20 (weekly)
Language English only
Status Open Admittance
Task Force Type Pursuing Top 100
Task Force Information: Must be a active player. Minimum of 20 Intel per week. We run a clean chat box and swearing or rude players will be kicked.
Recruitment Information: We are growing fast and have a great core of solid players. Friendly and helpful members are a plus. We are currently attacking sour grapes. Operations start at the same time daily. Miss a incomplete operation and you loose officer status, if you don't have officer status you will be kicked. We only want active players.
Profile Author: Task Force profile maintained by Rivermano.