RedditLegion (Recruiting)


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Nov 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader xg3t_slay3d
Current Members 1+
Language English
Status Anyone Can Join
Task Force Type Casual
Task Force Information: Are you looking for an active and mature task force that works together like a military operation then look no further and join RedditLegion NOW!
Recruitment Information: There are no victory point, headquarter or level requirements to join up, there are however others rules. To join up you will need to do or are the following:

1. Be a redditor;
2. Be an active and mature player => bullying, racism or any other inappropriate behavior will result in a kick and permanent ban;
3. Read the rules and guidelines for operations on /r/RedditLegion not following the rules will result in a kick;
4. When you apply include the official reddit task force password (found on /r/boombeach) in your request otherwise we have to reject, misspelling or any form as well DO NOT FORGET THIS!
5. Please include your Reddit id as well so that we can contact you if necessary.
Profile Author: Task Force profile maintained by BobbyBanaan.