simpatic extra base

Author pippo01s
Vitals Type: Defense
Stats Rating: 1 | Modifications: 149 | Views: 1,310 | Comments: 1
Created 8 years ago
this base has a shape sympathetic but at the same time is also very durable; divided into multiple pieces is covered with defenses, while the entrance is blocked by buildings that are slowing down while the troops immediately ready behind their defenses here ready to displace the enemy troops! Finally, the HQ is located in the bottom of the villages, completely surrounded and protected by the strongest defenses there may be, to ensure that the troops did not reach you! In short, I recommend it very much and I recommend voted and commented! :);) I hope you enjoy!
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  • Posted 8 years ago


    none yet
    Sep 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Very easy base to use warrior rush