The Finger

Author Tetsu no Kobushi
Vitals Type: Defense
Stats Rating: 3 | Modifications: 262 | Views: 3,953 | Comments: 0
Created 8 years ago
This base is largely created to combat my one basic weakness. The surrounding defense. My previous base was good, but was also susceptible to flanking, and due to the corner-type layout, the EMP's worked wonders for the assaulter. So I decided to toss away the corner type defense, as it's too easy to break through and try something different. By placing the defenses in this way, it's easy for the opponent to underestimate the actual cover range of the defenses. By placing some misc buildings in front of the defenses, it gives the defenses plenty of time to retaliate and crush the opponent. Any attempt to flank will also result in a fail, due to the rather evenly dispensed defense strength as well as the boom mines on the side to discourage it even further, luring them even more into the crossfire of defenses in the center. The normal mines are laid out in such a way to assure that the assaulter's attack line will get hit, and thanks to the dispersion mechanic when troops are grouped up, the back-line will get hit by more mines. And the last, semi-fun and unintentional effect while creating the base: It looks like you're flipping the person off. So when he fails, you literally gave him the Finger.
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